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Welcome to Colestin Caprines Goat Milk Soap!

Colestin Caprines offers a kaleidoscopic array of goat milk soaps with over 40 different scents available at any given time.

You'll also find information about the scents, our soap ingredients, soapmaking process and soap terms, a bit about us and our goats, and most especially, why goat's milk is beneficial and why we continue to offer our goat's milk soap to our customers without reservation or qualification.

Our Soapmaking Process & Ingredients

Thank you for visiting our website. We encourage you to "browse" through.

Please contact us if you aren't able to find a scent that you're after, or if you have other questions or would like help with an order - we'll do our best to meet your needs and interests!

Check out our list of available soaps.

What's New?

As of Summer 2021, we have a number of soap scents back in stock, including perennial customer favorites Rose, Sandalwood, Original, and Lavender.

Also, you can find a variety of our soaps at Grange Co-op stores in southern Oregon - specially customized three-soap gift setsare available in Garden, Wood, Neutral and Holiday scents - see our Retail Locations page for more information.

Index of Fragrances

Also check out:

"Awake," our 5-scent essential oil blend of Juniperberry, Cypress, Lemon, Sweet Orange and a bit of Clove, made with our goat's milk (of course!), organic coconut oil and sustainably sourced, environmentally responsible organic palm oil - a subtly sharp, uniquely refreshing scent to start your day with;

"Cascade Ice," a proprietory combination of fragrances reminiscent of a high mountain forest with an icy stream rushing through it - a "way cool" scent in the summertime heat;

And for those "simply fresh-and-clean" scent lovers, our "Juniper-Lemon" is a crisp, uplifting and invigorating essential oil blend for any time you want to enhance your outlook with some extra brightness and buoyancy.

For details on these soaps and more, see Soaps with Essential Oils, Soaps with Fragrances, Soaps without Scent, or the list of all soaps).


Gift-Boxed Soap Sets & Custom-Order Gift Ideas You can create personalized gift sets with your own soap choices.

See our Gift-Boxed Soap Sets & Custom-Order Gift Ideas for details.



We participate in a variety of local and regional craft fairs every year.

See our ever-evolving Event Calendar for full details.



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We stand behind our product.

We Stand Behind Our Product!

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