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Soaps On Discount

Specials, "2nds," "CFCs" (Craft Fair Casualties), & Old Stock/Close Outs


NOTE:  Availability of all Specials, "2nds," and "CFCs" is limited to inventory on hand.  

We try to keep our posted inventory up to date and fill orders "first come, first served" but if a Discount Special sells out and we have not confirmed with you that we have it before you send payment, we will not be able to fill that part of your order.

If this happens, we will try to contact you to let you know, so that you can consider any available alternatives; if that does not work out, we will either return your payment or will issue a refund for that part of your order.

To avoid complications, please CHECK WITH US FOR CURRENT AVAILABILITY prior to ordering.


The following Specials are on sale for $2.00 per bar (save $1.50) through Dec. 31st, 2020:

Spicy Apple (older bars, not much scent, still good as soap; good inventory)


"CFCs" (Craft Fair Casualties):

Currently available:

"Craft Fair Casualties" bars, when available, are $3.00 each (Save $0.50). These bars are regular bars but their wrappers have some wear and tear or fading, etc., from being toted around to various craft fair events. Rather than spend the extra time and paper (read: waste) to re-wrap and re-label them, we are offering them "as is" at a discount. They can still make good gifts for those who won't mind the outer appearance and are fine for personal use, so this is another way to economize.

Currently available:

Coconut 8 bars
Holiday Bouquet 1 bar
Lilac Some shrink-wrapped regular bars avail. at the "CFC" price.
Spearmint 7 bars


"2nds" Bars:

"Seconds" bars, when available (as listed below), are $2.50 each (Save $1.00). "Seconds" bars may weigh slightly under the standard 3.0 ounces after they cure or may have a small nick or shape imperfection that renders them unacceptable as a Regular bar to our quality-control standard. These may still make good gifts for some and are fine for personal use, so are a good bargain at a dollar off.

Currently available, updated 8/26/20:

Aloe Vera 1 bar
Awake (Juniper Berry, Cypress, Lemon, Orange, & Clove) 7 bars
Cedarwood 3 bars
Coconut 20-plus
Country Clarity 20-plus
Cucumber & Melon 2 bars
Echinacea 1 bar
Honeysuckle 3 bars
Jasmine 3 bars
Lavender 1 bar
Lemon 2 bars
Lily 1 bar
Ocean Mist 2 bars
Riviera Holiday 3 bars
Sea Spice 5 bars
Spicy Apple Several


"Old Stock/Close Outs" Bars:

"Old Stock/Close Out" bars, when available (as listed below), are $1.00 each (Save $2.50). These bars are old/older bars that have lost most of their scent but are still good as basic soap that cleans quite well. (The wrappers are also sometimes quite worn, as noted.)

Currently available:

"Bubble Gum" 4; older bars, no scent left, still good as soap
Orange 1 bar; older, no scent left, still good as soap, very worn wrapper


Note: The postage cost is the same for Discount bars as for Regular Bars. (The weight difference for 2nds is too negligible to calculate separately.)

For more information about any of the above-listed soap scents, check our full alphabetized list of soaps, or see Soaps with Essential Oils, Soaps with Fragrances, and Soaps without Scent.




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