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Testimonials: What Our Customers Say

The following comments and responses are excerpted from feedback we have received over the past seven years. We have not published personal names here, since we have not asked the people in question for their permission to use their names, and prefer to respect their privacy. In all of these cases, the withheld name is indicated by a pair of empty brackets.

We have not intentionally selectively edited out "negative" comments. The fact is, we have never received any (although we did once hear from a neighbor of ours that he wasn't impressed with it, because "when I left it out in the rain in my outdoor shower, it tended to disintegrate." By contrast, many of our customers visit us at local markets or fairs annually, and relate to us that their last stock of our soap lasted them all year, "because this soap lasts forever!").

While it is true that, quite often, people will express a liking for this particular scent, and not for that one, the basic soap itself is simply very popular. (For this, we give all credit ultimately to the goats!) Once people take the chance on experimenting with different fragrances to find what they like individually, they find that the soap is very kind to their skin. This has turned many folks into repeat customers. A wide variety of people enjoy using our soaps, as some of the following testimonials indicate:


  • [We received an order from someone who wanted the soap to give to a friend in the hospital who was receiving chemotherapy. She told us that another friend had told her that goat's milk soap was chemically gentle and tolerable for those with tender skin, especially those undergoing chemo. We asked her for further information on that source, and she sent us the following (edited) reply:]

    "I hope that the correspondence below answers your question. I sure wish that there had been an article or meeting or something I could have steered you toward, for I think that so many people, especially those with cancer, could benefit from your soap. [   ], a retired professor of English at [   ], does give a great testimonial, though. ... I'm really looking forward to receiving the soap, as is [   ], my friend in the hospital. You have three sudsy fans (and probably many more) in Chico." [This was followed next by her query to her information source:]

    "...was it word of mouth that led you to goats milk soap or was there an article or a physician's referral?" [The source replied:]

    "Hi, [   ]- It wasn't any kind of reference, and in fact what is at issue is not the pain of chemo. It is simply the skin trauma associated with radiation or other kinds of skin burn. It so happened that [   ] sent me a couple of bars of Santa Fe-local goat's milk soap at the time I started radiation and I noticed how creamy and how chemically neutral it was, and therefore soothing - not to mention how long the bar lasted! I used it exclusively, never felt so much as a bit of sting, and found that the exposed skin stayed supple and healthy. That's all. Nothing more than that. Nevertheless, for myself I would go straight for it again in the case of any skin trauma." [--   ]

    [This customer wrote again after receiving her order:] "The soaps are lovely ... thanks so very much!"

       --Chico, Calif., January, 2002

  • [We had just notified a customer that we were sold out of Apricot, who responded:]"Hi: I understand why apricot is so popular: it's wonderful... When the 2002 apricot is ready you can send me the rest of my order. It is definitely worth waiting for the world's best soap. Your devoted customer, [   ]". [Two months later after receiving her back-order, she wrote again, saying:] "I am now in possession of the most splendid apricot scented soap in the (southern) state of California. Some things are worth waiting for. Thank you."

       --Piedmont, Calif., May and July, 2002

  • [An e-mail message from a soap recipient, forwarded to us from a person in Dixie, Washington, who ordered soaps as Christmas gifts:]"Aw [   ], You outdid yourself! This really is the best smelling soap I've ever sniffed. I'm off to the tub - it's been a VERY long day! :-) Thanks again, [   ]."

       --[somewhere, USA], December, 2001

  • [An e-mail message, with "i love your soap!" in the Subject line:]"Hi, I saw some of your soap in the store today... i will tell people about your great soap when the occasion arises. Tell the goats I appreciate being so clean. [--   ]."

       --Medford, OR., November, 2001

  • "Here is your check for the soaps that I ordered. It will be great to have a good supply of it for the holidays! Your soaps were a big hit with my mother's friends in Iowa when I took them as "thank you" gifts earlier this summer when I was there for a family reunion."

       --Citrus Heights, Calif., August, 2000

  • "I love your soap - I get lots of compliments on my complexion - I always give your soap & God the credit!"

       --Mt. Angel, OR., August 2000

  • "Dear Colestin Caprines, On a trip to Washington [state] we happened to stop at a yard sale where I found and purchased a bar of your Goat Milk Soap. After using it on our trip found out it was special and didn't know where to find more. Luckily I'd kept the wrapper and found your address... Sincerely, [   ]."

       --Magalia, Calif., November, 1999

  • "I sent one box to my grand-daughter already, and she loved it :) Thank you, Kathy [   ].[P.S.:] I will have to get more later. Love the boxed idea."

       --Ashland, OR., July, 1999

  • "Many, many thanks for the wonderful soap you sent to us. We all love it!"

       --Washington D.C., Sept. 1998

  • "To whom it may concern, recently our family was in Ashland seeing the plays and we purchased a bar of your lovely goat milk soap and fell in love with its smell and texture. We used that bar until it was a transparent sliver and we could no longer find it when it fell into the tub. We long for more of your fragrant apple soap, a handful, a dozen, a case. Please let us know if you would be willing to send us some soap... Sincerely, [   ]. [P.S.:] Let's hear it for the goat!"

       --Seattle, WA., August, 1998

  • "Your soaps are a very fine quality, and I am buying several to make up gift baskets for friends, planning ahead for the holidays! [P.S.:] Please send me some extra order forms to share with friends. Thanks, [   ]."

       --Citrus Heights, Calif., July, 1998

  • "I thought you would like to know that my sister loves the soap I took her. My nephew has had a problem with exema which has virtually disappeared. Needless to say I have a directive to get more soap. I was wondering if you could [send] me 12 bars of unscented soap? ...She really liked the vanilla... Thanks!!"

       --Montague, Calif., Jan. 1998

  • "Dear Colestin Caprines, I found your soap at Stewart Mineral Springs this summer and absolutely love it. I would very much like you to send me 10 more bars of musk & 2 of lavender..."

       --Iowa City, IA., November, 1997

  • "Dear Maker of Goat Milk Soap, I was in Cantwell's in Medford today looking for your soap. The purchasing agent, [], said that she has at least three requests a day for your soap. ... I did, however, find your soap in the Ashland Community Food Store. I was very tickled to find it because I really like it... Thanks for making such a wonderful product. Sincerely, [   ]."

       --Medford, OR., Oct. 1997

  • "Thanks much for the soap - it's a great product."

       --Medford, OR., Sept. 1997

  • "Hello - I have ordered from you a few times & it's time again... I still love and rave about your soap. My boyfriend & I would be really down & out if you went out of business... Thanks again. [P.S.:] I have given many of my co-workers bars of soap... Keep up the good work."

       --Portland, OR., Oct. 1996

  • "Would you please ship to me 5 bars of lavender soap. Am enjoying the bar I bought at [the] farmer's market. Thank you." (After receiving the order, this person wrote back and said, "Thank you for your prompt service.")

       --Oregon City, OR., Sept. 1996

  • "Received the case of soap from ... this month. Thank you! I ended up sharing the luxury of it with friends & only ended up with 6 bars! A bar lasts my husband & me about 3 weeks, so I figure I'll be ready for 12 more the first week of May. I see no reason to buy any other soap... Thanks!"

       --Dunsmuir, Calif., Jan. 1996


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