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What Our Customers Say

The following comments and responses are excerpted from feedback we have received over the years. We have not published personal names here, since we have not asked the people in question for their permission to use their names, and prefer to respect their privacy. In all of these cases, the withheld name is indicated by a pair of empty brackets.

We have not intentionally selectively edited out "negative" comments. The fact is, we have never received any (although we did once hear from a neighbor of ours that he wasn't impressed with it, because "when I left it out in the rain in my outdoor shower, it tended to disintegrate." By contrast, many of our customers visit us at local markets or fairs annually, and relate to us that their last stock of our soap lasted them all year, "because this soap lasts forever!").

While it is true that, quite often, people will express a liking for this particular scent, and not for that one, the basic soap itself is simply very popular. (For this, we give all credit ultimately to the goats!) Once people take the chance on experimenting with different fragrances to find what they like individually, they find that the soap is very kind to their skin. This has turned many folks into repeat customers. A wide variety of people enjoy using our soaps, as the following testimonials indicate:




















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