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Online Ordering

For our customers' convenience, we are in the process of adding a shopping cart to our website, soon to go live.

Meanwhile, we will continue to offer, both now and in the future, the option of conventional mail ordering.

We take pride in practicing a local market economic philosophy with all of our customers, including those at a distance, and believe that, as a local community business that also happens to sell our products through our website, a direct, accessible relationship with our customers is essential to achieving the best customer service and satisfaction.

While online ordering has the potential to make this relationship remote and even obsolete, we encourage all of our customers to contact us at any time with questions, requests for help with an order, special requests, or anything else relevant to an order or to our soap products. We will always do our best to respond in a timely manner and to assist you and meet your needs.

We also encourage everyone to share in the satisfaction that, by engaging with a community-oriented, socially responsible company for our credit card processing merchant services, together we are contributing to a higher ethic in business, ultimately resulting in a more sustainable, livable and thriving local and global community.



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