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How To Order   

We currently offer conventional mail ordering only. There are two ways:

Use our Mail-In Order Form for conventional mail ordering:

(PDF-format, 1 page - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which you can download for FREE at:


Email us your order and conventionally mail a check
 (email us at: or

This allows us to check our current inventory and confirm with you that your choices are available. We can also answer any questions that you may have. Unless you are a repeat offender in good standing, we will still need to receive your payment via conventional mail before we ship your order. We will have your order ready to ship, so it can be sent right away upon receiving payment.


NOTE:  Please CHECK WITH US FOR CURRENT AVAILABILITY prior to ordering if your order includes any Limited quantity or Discounted bars ("Seconds" or '"Craft Fair Casualties").

We try to keep our posted inventory up to date and fill orders "first come, first served" but if a Discount Special sells out and we have not confirmed with you that we have it before you send payment, we will not be able to fill that part of your order.

If this happens, we will try to contact you to let you know, so that you can consider any available alternatives; if that does not work out, we will either return your payment or will issue a refund for that part of your order.



Rates:  See our Shipping Rates Schedule (below) to determine your shipping costs, and for additional information about your shipping options. You will need to add the Shipping cost to your order's total. Again, you have two options:

For those of you who would like to keep your postage costs as low as possible and save money:  

We have developed a Shipping Rates Schedule in order to give you as accurate and low a shipping price as possible. For a few extra minutes of your time to look up the exact postage for your order, you may be able to save several dollars.

To use our Shipping Rates Schedule, you'll need to know your Postal Zone. (These Postal Zones are relative to our shipping location in Ashland, Oregon; lower-numbered zones are closer; higher ones are farther away.)

You can easily determine your Postal Zone using our Postal Prefix Lookup chart. (PDF format, opens in a separate window.)

Once you know your Postal Zone, check the Shipping Rates Schedule (PDF format, opens in a separate window) for your Zone to find the correct postage amount for your order. This table also has information on shipping options when available.


If you prefer not to take time looking up your actual postage,
skip the Postal Prefix Lookup chart. Please simply use the Zone 8 (eight) column of the Shipping Rates Schedule that correlates with the amount of soap for your order.

Shipping Method:  
Due to geographic proximity, we normally use the U.S. Postal Service. If you need an order to be shipped via U.P.S. or another carrier, please let us know this. Please note that additional shipping charges may apply.

To Multiple Addresses:
If you are sending gift-boxed sets to different addresses, we will need additional postage to cover your shipping requests. Add postage for each separate address based on the total cost of soap being shipped to that address. If you would like assistance in calculating multiple address orders, please contact us - we are happy to help.

Order Processing Time:  
Regular shipping turnaround time from time of receipt of your order (including your payment) is within 48 hours.

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We welcome mixed orders of single bars in any combination of fragrances. Using our mail-in order form, simply list your soap fragrance choices under "single bars," followed by the number you wish for each fragrance. (See the Soap List Index for a complete list of all fragrances.)

Imprinted with our logo, our prepared gift-boxed sets each contain 3 (three) bars of soap, from within the following categories: Wood, Garden, Citrus, Spices, Special Blends, & Unscented. (See Gift-Boxed Sets for fragrance lists within these categories.) On the order form under Gift-Boxed Sets, specify "prepared sets" followed by the scent category or categories you wish, and then the number of boxes of each that you wish.

You can also customize your own gift-boxed sets, with any 3 (three) soaps each of your choice, from our entire list of fragrances. On the order form under Gift-Boxed Sets, specify "custom choices," and list your fragrance choices for each set, followed by the quantity you wish for each customized set.

The particular fragrances in each gift-boxed set are listed on the bottom of each box. NOTE: scent labels for Experimental soaps are often handwritten, until we determine that there is enough interest to add a new scent to our regular inventory, with printed labels.

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Our prices increased in 2022:

We have kept our prices at $3.50 per bar for many years now, but the cost of our ingredients has risen across the boards, particularly in the last two years.

We do our best to hold prices down for our customers, with the goal of making quality goat's milk soap available to as many people as possible at fair and reasonable prices.

However, while we have felt that passing along these cost increases to our customers was something that we just didn't want to do during the height of the Covid pandemic and its attendant challenges, we cannot continue to stay in business without adequately recovering our current production costs while maintaining at least a limited profit.

Our prices increased in 2014 after remaining unchanged for the previous five years in order to allow us to cover the external rising costs of production. The new prices as of July 1st, 2022, similarly reflect our current production costs - higher ingredient costs, essentially - with no increase in our own profit.

Please note that we are unable to honor outdated/expired prices. If necessary, your order total will be adjusted to reflect current prices.


Regular Bars:

Single Bars:

Price per single bar - approx. 3 ounces each:   $3.75 each.

Our  Quantity Discount:  Every 12th bar is FREE!  
(12 bars for the price of 11, for  $41.25 - instead of $45.00). (Applies to regular individual bars only. Excludes bars in boxed sets and already-discounted bars, e.g., "Seconds," "Craft Fair Casualties," and Old Stock/CloseOut bars.)

Gift-Boxed Soap Sets:

Price per gift set, each set with three soaps of your choice:   $13.25 each.

Please note that the cost of our gift-boxed sets is a bit higher than the cost of three single bars, to provide enough for the extra cost of shipping these. Except for this, we simply pass along, with no increase, our own cost for the logo-imprinted gift box.

Our Quantity Gift-Boxed Set Discount:  Every 4th (fourth) Gift-Boxed Set is only $9.50 (you save the cost of the "12th" bar, i.e., save $3.75), or 4 (four) Gift-Boxed Sets for $49.25 (instead of $53.00).


Discount Single Bars:

"Seconds" bars, when available (as listed below), remain at $2.50 each (Save $1.25). "Seconds" bars may weigh slightly under the standard 3.0 ounces after they cure or may have a small nick or shape imperfection that renders them unacceptable as a Regular bar to our quality-control standard. These may still make good gifts for some and are fine for personal use, so are a good bargain at a dollar-plus off.

"Craft Fair Casualties" bars, when available, remain at $3.00 each (Save $0.75). These bars are regular bars but their wrappers have some wear and tear or fading, etc., from being toted around to various craft fair events. Rather than spend the extra time and paper (read: waste) to re-wrap and re-label them, we are offering them "as is" at a discount. They can still make good gifts for those who won't mind the outer appearance and are fine for personal use, so this is another way to economize.

Note: The postage cost is the same for Discount bars as for Regular Bars. (The weight difference for discounted bars is too negligible to calculate separately.)

See our Soaps On Discount page for current availability on our Specials, "CFCs," "2nds," and "Old Stock/Close Out" bars.

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We must receive your order payment prior to shipping. Check or money order only, in U.S. currency. We do not accept charge cards at this time.

We welcome orders by email and phone, as well as by conventional mail. We are always happy to answer questions, discuss an order with you, and assist you in figuring your total. (See our contact information.)

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We stand behind our product. Colestin Caprines has an automatic exchange/refund policy.

All of our merchandise comes with our quality guarantee: if you receive a defective product, an incorrect item, or you simply wish to return an item, please let us know right away. We will exchange any returned item for either new (replacement) merchandise, an alternate same-priced product of your choice, or a hassle-free, no-questions-asked, refund, provided that we receive your return within 90 days of purchase (excludes "CFCs," "2nds," or other clearance-priced items).

The cost of shipping for returning any defective or incorrect item will also be refunded, or at your request will be compensated to you with other in-stock merchandise, the value of which covers the shipping expense incurred to you as a result of your receiving and returning any defective or incorrect product(s) from us.

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We request your personal information ONLY for the purpose of processing your product order. Your personal and/or personally identifying information is held completely confidential by us. For further information, please review our Privacy Policy.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our soap or would like to discuss an order.

Our contact information is also listed on our Home page as well as on our Mail-In Order Form.



We appreciate your interest in our soap products.

Thank you for visiting us online!


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We are intent upon pleasing our customers, and will do our utmost to meet your wishes and special requests. However, we have a few caveats.

All of our products are wrapped and sealed with our own Colestin Caprines logo. We are not able to accommodate special label requests, nor will we remove our label for the purpose of our products being sold under another person's or company's label.

Please observe that, while we very much appreciate everyone's interest and creative ideas, we cannot alter our soap recipes to create alternative soaps than those that we offer here.

If you are a retailer interested in carrying our soap products, please contact us for details. We welcome your inquiries!

Thank you for your interest in Colestin Caprines Goat Milk Soap.

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